Windowless, Colorless Office!

Introduction: Windowless, Colorless Office!

As much as I would love a $1000 Ikea gift card for my home, my office at work needs much more help!  I work for a small-budget symphony in Ohio and as a non-profit we are naturally very money conscious.  Unfortunately for me this means I spend 40-60 hours a week in a dark 8'X10' windowless basement office.  Our organization has enjoyed great success over the last year and the office no longer suits our basic needs.  

We need to be able to hold meetings in my office and not be embarrassed by the holes in the carpet.  We need to have a dedicated work space for our volunteers and much more storage so we don't have to keep supplies on the floor.  I would love to be proud of my office and show it off to musicians, ticket buyers, funders and community leaders.  I am happy to go to work every day but I would like to be excited about working in a colorful, happy office space that matches the energy and professionalism of our Symphony.   

With a $1000 Ikea gift card I would invest in a new desk and chair for myself, chairs and a table for committee meetings, a big colorful rug, lots of storage, lamps and colorful accessories.  

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