Windows 10 Default App Fix

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Has this Windows 10 notification ever popped up on your screen? Frequently as I'm installing/uninstalling different programs on my PC, different files types will encounter problems with their files, and Windows 10, instead of dealing with it, has chosen to take any error and instantly reset the default app for that file type to a windows app. yuck.

This short (probably one to two step) instructable will show you how to not only solve that problem of resetting the default every time, but also re-allow you to choose a default program, if windows has glitched and stopped you from choosing them.

Step 1: Winhelponline

Winhelponline is a great community of windows users who post their issues and (hopefully) have others help them fix them! If you haven't heard of them before, check them out at :

For this problem we're experiencing to get fixed, we have to do some registry editing. WARNING. Registry editing can be extremely dangerous for your OS. Be extremely careful when editing reg files.

To find the reg file we need to add, go to - The webpage should look like the one above. Scoll down until you see the blue file link about a third of the way down the page. click on it to download the zip file. Extract it, and it should have two files inside.

The undo file is included just in case something messes up or you need to remove this reg file for other reasons. The other file is the one we need now. Click on it and it will pop up a warning. Say yes/continue to all the prompts, and you should be done! Now go into either win 10 settings or the control panel, choose your defaults, and they should stick now!

Hope this was helpful! And thanks to Ramesh Srinivasan for providing the original reg edit file.



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