Windows 8 / 8.1 Tuning

Introduction: Windows 8 / 8.1 Tuning

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These steps show you how to make your Windows 8 fire under the butt. Many settings and procedures are similar to those of other Windows versions, you can use the tips thus also to a large extent on Windows 7 or Vista.
A few Windows functions are omitted here, because there is better freeware for certain purposes.

Step 1: Call Settings

Move the mouse to the side so that the side bar shows and then click Settings.

Step 2: Open Control Panel

Klick on Control Panel.

Step 3: Call System and Security

It opens the control panel, click System and Security.

Step 4: Open Action Center

Klick on action center.

Step 5: Windows Defender Update

Click Update to the Update tab and click the button.

Step 6: Set Windows Defender Properly

Click Settings, put on real-time protection.

Step 7: Advanced Settings Windows Defender

Click Advanced, put a hook on archive files check and check Removable Disk.

Step 8: Select Defender MAPS

Click on MAPS and Activate Premium Member.

Step 9: Activate App

Click Administrator, put a check mark for Enable App.

Step 10: Check the PC With Windows Defender

Click Home, click to select the Full option and straten the review.

Step 11: ...wait...

Your PC will now be checked, which can take quite a while.

Step 12: Goes On.

Go back to System & Security and then click System.

Step 13: Device Manager

Call device manager.

Step 14: Scan for Hardware Changes

Right-click on the top tab, consist of the PC name and click Move Search modified hardware. Windows does the rest by itself.

Step 15: Remote Settings

Close Device Manager and open the Remtoeeinstellungen. Disable Remote Assistance if you do not use these, so you eliminate a security risk.

Step 16: Computer Protection

Click the System Protection tab and activate this function at least on your main partition.
Thus, the system can be restored in case of errors.

Step 17: Performance

Click the Advanced tab and in the Category Performance, click Settings.

Step 18: Visual Effects

This opens the Performance Options window with Visual Effects in the foreground.
Click either optimal performance or adjust the settings under User Defined to.

Step 19: Advanced

Click the Advanced tab. Make sure that, in the Processor scheduling, select Programs is enabled.

Step 20: Virtual Memory

Click at the bottom of the Virtual Memory, it opens a window. The swap file is usually managed by the system, but not good enough. Put a check in Custom Size.
Setting this value depends on your system: has there been difficulties with the Memory as too little, the value should be at least as large as the memory. Since virtual memory is hard disk storage that is treated as a substitute, slower PCs have this option more necessary, but are less able to cope with the additional busy hard drive and the extra work, because they need to do more work beacause of the the missing memory (Virtual memory too large = PC hangs when makin it empty)

Faster computers have this option less necessary and come at the same time better able to deal.

I have taken a value of 2000MB with a memory of of 35000MB.

Step 21: Starten Und Widerherstellen

Click Start and cons of making and connecting d to Settings.

Step 22: Anzeigedauer Verkürzen

Put both Display time options a hook and enter 10 or 5 seconds.
In many cases it can be saved one minute or more at startup.

Step 23: Windows Update

Close the window and go back to System and Security.
Open Windows Update.

Step 24: Update Windows

Klick on update notification.

Step 25: Pick Updates

Select the desired update and click Install.

Step 26: ...wait...

The updates are downloaded and installed, this can take a while.

Step 27: Possible Reboot

After the update, it may be that a reboot of the PC is required. In this case, click Restart Now.

Step 28: Update Settings

Automatic updates are usually already activated. Unless you do this best immediately.

Step 29: Enregy Options

Register, click on the Control Panel in System and Security, Power Options and enable high performance.

Step 30: Uninstall Programs

In the Control Panel under Programs, Programs and Features can
Remove all unwanted programs by selecting and clicking uninstall them.

Step 31: END Part 1 be continued.

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    Thanks for this I followed this and fixed a few things thank you


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Your pictures aren't in english, any way you could make this more clear for us english-only speakers?