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Quick tutorial/explination of the good old fashion Windows Briefcase.

The windows briefcase is essentially another type of folder you can create on your computer.  It will then synchronize with any copy of the same briefcase.  So for example.  I have a briefcase on my personal computer with projects stored in it.  A copy of that briefcase is on my 32 GB flash drive.  If i were to make a change to either the flash drives files, or the files on my personal computer, the next time i plug my flash drive in both will by synchronized to match each other.  The briefcase is a great tool to use.

Here's how to use it:

To create a briefcase simply right click where you want it, move to "new", and select briefcase.  You can then name the briefcase what ever you would like.  You can then place any files you would like to synchronize into the briefcase

How to synchronize it:

connect you second device (flash drive, etc).   copy the briefcase from your computer to where you want it on the second device (you can usually just drag and drop).  

Any time you want to update the files, simply right click on the briefcase and select "Update All"

And that's it!

This will keep any project or files you are working on at home and on the go up-to-date with each other.

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