Windows Messenger ( Thanks to @shotgunshane )

Introduction: Windows Messenger ( Thanks to @shotgunshane )

Hi guys !

This is a quick way to chat with someone with the CMD console.

I DID NOT make this but the original post had some outdated code so here is the updated one.

Step 1: Open Notepad

Just open notepad on windows

Step 2: Paste This Code in There

@echo off

Title Superman's Chat Room color 0e :top echo ===Superman's Chat Room=== ECHO 1 - access chat room via password ECHO 2 - access for Hackers ECHO 3 - get into the chat room without password ECHO 4 - Exit SET /P OPT=Please make a selection, and press enter: if %OPT%==1 GOTO OPTION1 if %OPT%==2 GOTO OPTION2 if %OPT%==3 GOTO OPTION3 if %opt%==4 GOTO OPTION4 :OPTION1 GOTO PASS ECHO Redirect to Password input :OPTION2 ECHO Redirect for Hackers ping -n 2>nul color c echo ============================================================================== echo Come on I know you are better than that, come on your a hacker crack the code! echo ============================================================================== ping -n 2>nul echo ACCESS DENIED pause exit :OPTION3 echo Free Access color c ping -n 2>nul echo ================================================================ ECHO Do you think I would actually let you get in without a password? echo ================================================================ ping -n 2>nul echo ACCESS DENIED pause Exit :OPTION4 echo Are you sure you want exit? echo Y/N echo type "Y" or "N" set input= set /p input= if %input%== y goto y if %input%== n goto n :y echo yes pause exit :n echo no echo redirect to menu ping -n 2>nul CLS goto top :PASS ECHO Enter the correct CORRECT password set /p pass=password: if %pass%==1234 goto Access Granted Cls COLOR C echo. echo ACCESS DENIED ping -n 2>nul EXIT cls goto pass :Access Granted color a echo Access Granted, Welcome. pause color a echo Instructions: Type the Ip address of the person you want to talk to enter the chat room, echo type it after "MESSENGER" after you enter the chat room. pause echo For "experienced" users hold the down the down arrow until you reach the Chat Room. echo if you are not farmiliar with "Superman's Chat Room" than press any key once for the instructions. Pause echo Step 1) To find your IP addres open up command prompt in the Start Menu for windows users. Pause echo Step 2) Type "ipconfig" as soon as it opens. Pause echo Step 3) Record the IP address, and type it after the word "messenger" Pause echo Step 4) Begin chat room use Cls color c pause echo this code was created by Superman pause Cls echo !!! Warning! this code was not created nor intended for illegal use!!! echo This is your last chance to close this program or you will be entering the chat room! pause Cls echo Entering Chat Room pause :A Cls echo MESSENGER set /p n=User: set /p m=Message: msg * /server:%n% %m% Pause Goto A

Step 3: Save As .bat File

Save as a .bat file.

Step 4: Run It and Send Messages

Just run it and use !

There are instructions built on the messenger itself.

The default password is 1234 but you can edit it on the bat file with Notepad as well as the name of the messenger.




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