Windows Taskbar

The Windows Task Bar is defaultly located along the bottom of your screen. It's a mechanic that lets you easily access your most used downloads. Ever wondered how to use your windows taskbar?

Step 1: Drag all your favorite apps and/or downloads into the task bar to have it pinned there for easy access. To do this, right click and drag the program icon to into the task bar. Or open the program and left click the icon on the task bar and select pin to task bar to have it there permanently.

Step 2: Once you are satisfied with your pins on your task bar, it is now time to customize and then use it to your liking

Step 3: You can customize the task bar to either be located at the bottom of your screen, the left, or the right.

Step 4: Once you have done all this, you are ready to use your task bar freely on a daily basis.

Step 1:



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