Windows Invisible Desktop Prank


Introduction: Windows Invisible Desktop Prank

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How to temporarily make your desktop bare, just the background and mouse. And, no, this is not just hiding the Taskbar and deleting the Icons, this is actually stopping the browsing program.
Note-This is my first Instructable.

Update 7/14/08: I found a new way.

Step 1: Print This Instructable

It's pretty self explanatory.

Step 2: Using Taskkill

This will end explorer, but you have to type it. Try the batch file if you don't want to.

Open the start menu and type taskkill /f /im explorer.exe and hit enter. Done!

Step 3: Batch File

To run it as a batch file, open notepad (Start>Programs>Accessories>Notepad) and type the following.

taskkill /f /im explorer.exe&rundll32 user32.dll,LockWorkStation&exit for a logoff afterwords.
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe&exit for no logoff afterwords
once you have chosen a name, add .bat to the end. You will have to select All File Types underneath the file name box. Then save it. Copy it onto something like a drive or CD to take it around.

Just double-click it to implement!!

Note-I got the lock program from here.

Step 4: Getting It Off

To get explorer back, bring up Task Manager with Ctrl-Alt-Del. In the accessories tab, click New Task. type explorer and hit enter. You can now close Task Manager. Complete! Restarting also gets rid of it, unfortunately. I am working on a reg thing, though...

Step 5: How It Works

explorer.exe is the program that makes you able to open files, and everything is a file. Even the Start menu is saved as a file. In fact, you can prove that everything is somewhere as a file by going to C:>WINDOWS>system32 in My Computer. In this folder are many .exe (Which stands for executable, meaning it's a program) files. They have names like shutdown and logoff. You can guess what these do. There are also others like taskmgr, which is Task Manager, the program we used to restart explorer.exe.

So, if we end explorer, we have no way of opening file and programs, except for shortcuts. Lucky for us, Task Manager, which is what we need to restart explorer, is easily accessible through Ctrl+Alt+Del. That is basically how this works.



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    "Restarting also gets rid of it, unfortunately. I am working on a reg thing, though..." XP. just put it in startup. done. If you really want to own them, just say del explorer.exewhich doesn't allow you to start u--well, just to make a long story short: What explorer.exe?

    1 reply

    expoler.exe is an exacutable file that is run as a proccese that is the graphical user interface

    GUI the graphics...

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to computers, but wouldn't the Control-C command stop the batch file?

    Would this spam explorer.exe?

    @Echo off
    Run explorer.exe
    Goto a

    Me too. I am the tech guy at school, so I get all the server passwords and everything.

    Wow. They gave me the list, and my network account is the only one with admin privileges.

    Yeah. I'm pretty lucky. There's another guy, but he isn't really recognized by the school.

    Whoever posted this your my hero! I got a virus that entered that code. I so thought my computer was dead! entered the code and she lives again. YOU ROCK!YOU ROCK!YOU ROCK!YOU ROCK!YOU ROCK!

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    I wrote a VB scribt, that just removed the taskbar.... and i mean realy removed it :-)