Windows Infinite Loading

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Intro: Windows Infinite Loading

This instructable will show you how to make a never ending loading screen for windows xp. Don't worry, you're not hacking anything.

Step 1: Archives

I'm not an expert in flash, but this little .exe animation is not easy to recognize from the original screen. If you distrust the .exe, there is also the flash archive, you can just save it as a .exe. And there goes also a fake virus screen.

Step 2: Save It As a .exe

To save the flash as a .exe just go to file menu, publish settings. In there, mark the windows projector (.exe) box, in the folder icon choose where to save the file. And finaly, press publish before pressing ok.

Step 3: Fit the Monitor

Now just open the .exe, go to the view menu, and full screen (sorry that my computer is in spanish). This will make the animation look like a real screen.
But if your monitor has a different size to mine, you just go to the flash archive, modify menu, transform, scale, and resize it to fit your monitor. Make sure to modify all the frames to not disrupt the animation.

Step 4: Extra: Fake Virus Screen

If you try to close the message it ignores you, and the menu is in binary code. Many people might not fall for it, but my dad surely did.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    owuld be good if you are able to copy the computers entire boot up process then you coule run teh video and have it "restart" the computer and go into tteh infinite loop

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