Windows to a Macintosh!


Introduction: Windows to a Macintosh!

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Want the look of OS X on your Windows PC? i did, so i got to work, thanks Lifehacker!

UPDATE: To change the name of the Recycle bin to Trash as on the Macintosh refer to this page.

Step 1: Getting the General Look.

FlyakiteOSX or Style XP
Get the demo version of style XP and then uninstall it. Then get the demo of tuneup 2007 or 2008 and get the product key from (warning, inappropriate pictures) if you want, or buy it, FlyakiteOSX is free. i will put in some installation files in a little while, although, in the mean time just look it up on google.

i will not put ANY bad software or recommend any bad software online, thats just bad, you know?

Step 2: Now for the Stuff to Make It Look Kool

here are the files to download, pretty much all i can say.

Step 3: Now for the "Fun" Stuff.

before you actually install anything, create a system restore point, you will need it if you want to uninstall FlyakiteOSX you will need it. it will help a whole lot. also, flyakite will change the boot screen, and log in screen also. and there you go, if you need anything else, let me know.

Step 4: Updates!

I found a pretty kool program called Leftsider it works great with Vista but only works with folders in XP which sucks but isnt too bad. Personally i like the buttons where they are so i dont use it. Sooner or later i'll get a picture. but my yahoo, jetaudio, and windows explorer have the same scroll bar since Flyakite which is interesting. I left a zip file for Leftsider for you guys.



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    2 years ago

    Macintosh plus 1986 all the way man

     it makes ur pc slower and just buy a freaking mac becouse they are EPIK and they have more qualty speed and memory then a pc will ever have!

    3 replies

    Explain why I can purchase (or custom build) a pc with higher specs for a third of the cost of a Mac? Also please explain why you need special tools to open your mac, while a PC user can do their own repairs? Why there are minimal settings the user can edit? oh, that's right, apple doesn't trust it's idiot users enough to actually UNDERSTAND a computer.

    Please explain how an Intel processor is faster in a computer running Macintosh, than a computer running Windows. Besides the OS.

    $20 says that you will not reply this.

    Well, Limewire it self isn't illegal, it was originally developed for sharing files and songs and everything you made yourself, with other people.

    4 replies

    But now there's keygens, dvdRIPs, pirated songs ect. on limewire. Now that's what I call illegal.

    yea but its not nearly as bad as downloading them for personal use, its not like selling them or even posting them. Its like... like buying/selling weed, if your buying weed and get caught you get off way better than the guy growin who sold u it

    Yes, and i think i've used ALL of those, and not just on limewire, more times than anybody else. :-) dont judge me.

    gasp! you have limewire, you bad person! Oh well, if it's so illegal, why don't they shut down the website? ...Famous last words...

    1 reply

    because limewire is not ilegal, downloaded music without a license provided on it is, but there is legal stuff to do on limewire...

    true limewire is illegal but when you install it it says "Will you use limewire for any copyright infringment" yeah its easy to say yes but still do it but thats when frostwire came in a more user friendly and less "virusy" if you know what i mean and its not an illlegal action when you use it because its completly free and they own a worldwide license to allow what they are doing

    Sorry if you right click then view image you can see everything, Probs best for you to brush over it it ms paint if you really don't want people seeing your name. Shouldn't be ashamed, It's my middle name and I like it!

    1 reply