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Introduction: Windscreen for Beverage Can Camp Stove

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If you've already made a "Beverage Can Camp Stove", you can make a windscreen/potholder for it to help keep it going in blustery weather.

Thanks to Sam for demonstrating the project for this Instructable.

"Submitted by Ace Monster Toys Hackerspace in Oakland, CA for the Instructables Sponsorship Program"

Step 1: Tools & Materials

*Aluminum Turkey/Roasting Pan
*Camping Cook pot
*metal tent stake (1)
*screwdriver/awl for making holes
*Shop Scissors or aviation snips
*piece of scrap wood/mdfnot

Step 2: Cut & Join the Windscreen Body

First, we use the shop scissors/snips to cut out the middle flat bits of the roasting pans.  Be careful, metal can be very sharp!

Then, we join these rectangular bits together by placing two sheets on top of each other and folding over the edges in a "felled" seam.  Use the scrap piece of wood/mdf to help you make the fold smooth and flat.

Step 3: Shape & Assemble

The next step is to roll the joined sheet around a can or some other round object to put a curl in it to make it easier to shape.

Then, shape the sheets around the pot for which you wish to make a stand/windscreen.

Using the shop scissors, trim to the proper height, cleaning up the edges, but be sure and leave a small tab.

Fold this tab over to lock the ends together.

Attach open ends with paper/binder clips (make sure they are metal! -- remember this screen will get hot!l)

Step 4: Finishing Up

Now that the basic screen shape has been assembled, it's time to complete the finishing touches.

Start by putting the camp pot inside of the holder/screen upside down.  The bottom of pot determines where the holes go for the stove. 

Using the tent peg, mark places for holes (2).

Using the screwdriver/awl, punch two holes in the screen across from each other.  These holes will accommodate the tent peg and will be the base that holds the pot.  It helps to have a backing piece of scrap wood when punching holes so that the windscreen is not deformed in the process.

Flipping the whole pot/windscreen unit around, mark where the handle for the pot will go (here we have assumed your camping pot has a removable handle).  Carefully cut a notch for the handle with the snips.

Finally punch some holes around the bottom of the windscreen to allow oxygen to get to the stove.  The pot/windscreen unit will be placed on top of the camp stove after the stove has been lit.

That's it!  Enjoy your camp cookery!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. This one is so cheap, so light, so easy to build! I just made my own and i'm gonna use it this week-end.