Windsor Knot Tie X2


Introduction: Windsor Knot Tie X2

How to tie a Double(x2) Windsor Knot in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Measure

The length of the tie before tied is essential to the final product's length. Choose your length.

Step 2: Crossover.

Cross the longer end of the tie over the shorter end of the tie.

Step 3: Behind. Pull Through. Opposite.

Bring the longer side behind the "x" you've made with the tie and then pull it through. Once it is through, both ends should be opposite than they were before. When you are finished, it should look like the final picture above.

Step 4: Bring Around Back, Loop Through Front..

Bring the longer part of the tie around the back and then bring it through the loop in the front. When finished, you should have somewhat of a triangular form.

Step 5: Cover Up.

Bring the bigger part of the tie around the front, covering up the triangle you created in the step prior to this one.

Step 6: Up and Through.

Bring the longer part of the tie around back, up through the hole, and then pull it through the pocket you've made between the triangle and the cover up.

Step 7: Pull Through.

Pull it through the pocket.

Step 8: Tighten and Adjust.

Adjust to get the perfect triangular shaped knot, then tighten by pulling the smaller end down and pushing the knot up until it's comfortable.

Step 9: Insure Length. Drop the Collar.

Make sure the length of the tie is where you want it to be and then pull your collar down.

Step 10: Final Product.

In 10 easy steps, that's how you tie a Double Windsor Knot.



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    3 Discussions

    You might get more views if your thumbnail image had a tie in it...

    Excellent guide, love the clear photos and steps.

    This is the classiest, best looking knot in my opinion. You cannot go wrong with the double windsor! :)

    Your instructions are very easy to follow. Thanks and welcome to Instructables!