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Introduction: Wine Bags

Make a wine bag for a gift or make a set for a blind wine tasting.

I made the set pictured here as a gift for my husband. He likes to organize blind tastings to test folks knowledge of wine and let people identify their preferences without being swayed by the price tag or label. We used to use the paper bags the wine came in but this is a much more elegant and reusable solution.

This instructable has a lot of steps but only because I was trying to be clear. If you have a sewing machine that you know how to use, you'll be fine.

Happy sewing (and drinking)

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:
Materials needed per bag
2 pieces of fabric at least 13x14 inches and 8x14 inches plus scraps
12 inches of string or twine
1 button (optional)
a small piece of fusible webbing approx 4 inches square (Wonder Under is a brand name) available at fabric stores and found with the interfacing
coordinating thread
nice bottle of wine for a gift (optional)
another bottle of wine to drink while sewing for inspiration (optional)

sewing machine
a rotary cutter and ruler are nice but not required

Step 2: Cut Fabric Squares

From the primary fabric (yellow in this example) cut a rectangle 14x13 inches. From the accent fabric (turquoise here) cut a rectangle 8x14 inches.

Note about fabrics: I used a cotton quilting fabric for the main and a silky polyester (from a discarded pair of pajama pants) for the accent. You can use recycled clothes or scrap fabric but the main fabric should have some body (be a little stiff). Don't choose something too heavy (like corduroy) because the bottom of your wine bag may get uneven and make the bottle tip over.

Note about cutting: I love using a rotary cutter but you could mark your lines with a ruler and use scissors

Step 3: Sew Rectangles

Putting the right sides of the fabric facing one another, sew the two rectangles together along the 14 inch long edge. I used a 1/4 inch seam throughout but you don't have to be too picky.

Step 4: Sew Into Tube

Fold the rectangle in half as shown and sew along the bottom (primary fabric end) and along the long edge. Leave the top (accent fabric end) open.

Step 5: A Note About Sewing Corners

Maybe you already know this, but a nice trick when you're sewing a corner (like you did in step 4) is to plant the needle into the fabric, lift the presser foot, and pivot the fabric. Do this when you are one seam allowance away from the edge. Hope this makes sense with the photo.

Step 6: Open Bottom of Bag and Mark for Sewing

To make the bottom of the bag, open it and fold it as shown. When flat, mark stitch lines with a pen.

The stitch lines should be perpendicular to the stitch line going across the bottom of the bag and should be at a point where it will be 3.25 inches long. See how the ruler shows 3.25 inches? Mark, pin and stitch along your mark.

Step 7: Trim Excess Off Bottom

Trim off the corners of the bottom of the bag

Step 8: The Finished Bottom

Turn your bag right side out and this is what the bottom of your bag should look like. Basically a square.

Step 9: Fold and Attach Accent

Now that your bag is right side out, fold the accent in to the interior leaving 2.5 inches showing on the outside and about 5 inches folded inside. Pin and then stitch around at the seam where the accent and primary meet. This will secure the accent fabric in place.

Step 10: Attach Your String

There are two ways to do this. In this example, I had the string from the pajama bottoms so I cut it to about 12 inches and attached it to the back of the bag (the side with the seam) at the point where the primary and accent fabrics meet.

Alternatively, in the set I made as a gift, I sewed a large button to the front of the bag and tied to the button a 12 inch piece of waxed hemp twine.

You can make the ribbon tie into a bow, or, for the hemp, wrap it a few times around the bottle and then a few times around the button to secure.

Step 11: Use Your Fusible Webbing

If you are doing a single gift bag (rather than a numbered set) you're done. Way to go. Although you may want to consider doing this step but instead of numbers adding the initials of the recipient or some other image.

Anyway, for the wine tasting set, you need the numbers so participants can make notes about the wine without knowing its identity. I made six bags but I suppose that would depend how many friends you have!

Your fusible webbing has a papery side and a rough side. Fuse a square of the webbing (rough side down) to the back of your scrap of accent fabric. Follow the instructions on the package for specifics.

Step 12: Cut Out Numbers

I printed numbers on the computer. (font=Impact size=250 point)

Pin your number templates to the fused accent fabric and cut out.

Once you've cut them out, remove the paper backing on the fusible web.

Step 13: Attach Your Numbers

Use the iron to press your number onto the front of your bag a few inches down from the accent fabric.

Step 14: All Done

Very nice work :)

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    7 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I made two bags for gifting wine using just one piece of material (one was a gold lame and the other a striped cotton), ribbon, and a glue gun. They did not require much time and looked great! Create seams by gluing the right sides together about ¼ inch from the edge. The bottom (steps 6 – 8) was a little bulky, but the bottle was not unstable. The top of the bags were a few inches above the bottle cork, and one used the salvage, while the other had a generous hem. I plan to make a lot more since I often bring wine to parties, and really like the idea of a set for doing blind testings. Thanks for wonderful instructions!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I'm a novice sewer and just want to thank you for such a fun project. I love the easy step by step instructions. I'm a visual person so the photos really help. I'm working on several holiday wine gift bags and they are coming out perfect thanks to your easy to follow instructions.


    13 years ago

    I, who am an extreme novice at sewing, made ten of these for a party. The instructions were fabulous. I sewed some rick rack around the seam and threaded ribbon thru it for my tie. It was so much better then store bought.


    Reply 13 years ago

    I'm glad the instructions worked so well for you. Thanks for the feedback. With 10 bags it must have been one heck of a party!


    13 years ago

    Wow! I've been looking for something like this for a while.


    Reply 13 years ago

    Glad it helped! Let me know if the instructions aren't clear.


    13 years ago

    Those look good, and you've made it easy! Great documentation, especially the close-up photos.