Wine Barrel Costume

Introduction: Wine Barrel Costume

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I made this functional wine barrel costume for halloween 2012.  Wine is gravity fed from a camelbak out the spigot in front.

Parts required:
- Camelbak + backpack (reusable after)
- faux-wood flooring
- Thin wood strips (mine were ~1x0.25)
- Small pieces of wood quarter round
- Metal strapping with holes
- Small bolts and nuts
- Vinyl tubing (sized to fit tightly over your camelbak hose)
- Barbed to NPT adapter
- 90 degree female-female NPT
- Small NPT spigot with male NPT end
- Large washer (should fit over the male end of the spigot but not past it)
- 1/4" rope

- Drill + bits
- Wood glue
- Screwdriver
- Small crescent wrench
- Normal crescent wrench
- Pliers
- Teflon pipe tape
- Wine!
- Exacto knife
- Printer
- Spray Paint
- Duct tape

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Step 1: Inner Frame

Determine the the size of the frame for your barrel (this will define the diameter).  The frame should be a rectangle slightly larger than your torso as measure from a few inches under your armpits.  Make sure the frame is large enough that it will slide down over your body with your arms above your head (at the diagonal).

Cut your thin strips of wood to size.  Cut small pieces of quarter round (or similar) to act as corner braces.  Assemble the frame using glue and carefully staple the corners for extra strength.  You will need to use clamps to hold the frame tight while the glue dries.  It's challenging to get the frame to hold a nice rectangle under clamping force.  I found it helpful to form two "L" shaped sections, let them dry, and then assemble into the rectangle.

Step 2: Barrel Shell

Determine the height and diameter of your barrel.  The diameter will be that of the smallest circle that circumscribes the rectangle of your wood frame.  The height should be a bit less than the distance from your armpits to groin.  You want the tallest barrel possible that doesn't  prevent you from moving your legs and comfortably resting your arms.

Calculate the diameter of the barrel given your radius.  From this, determine the number of your flooring strips required to go around the radius.  Round to the closest even number of strips.  Cut this number of strips to the desired height of your barrel.  Cut 4 of these strips 2-3" shorter to provide extra room to move your arms.  

Drill 2 small holes 3" from the bottom of each strip to accept your bolts.  Mirror those holes on the top (make sure to account for the 4 shorter strips).  The spacing of these hole must be such that they will line up with the holes in your metal strapping.  Drill a large hole just big enough to fit the male threaded end of your spigot.

Assemble the strips using the screws, nuts and your strapping.  Work one piece at a time attaching the metal strapping to the outside.  Overlap the end of the strapping by one piece to complete the circle.  Note, I would suggest NOT attaching the inner metal strap in this step.

Step 3: Assemble Barrel

You will need to add an inner metal strap at the top end of the barrel to attach the wood frame.  This strap should be sized to run along the barrel at the corners of the frame and screw to the center of the frame.  

Attach the strap to the barrel first at the appropriate corners.  Then mark spots for holes in the wood frame, drill them and attach the frame.

This attachment mechanism is quite inelegant but was sturdy and functional.  I suggest experimenting a bit here.

Step 4: Connect Backpack and Spigot

Apply teflon tape to the male ends of your spigot and barbed adapter.  Place the washer over the male end of your spigot and fit it through the large hole in the barrel.  Thread the 90 degree adapter onto the inside to lock the spigot into place.  Thread the barbed adapter into the remaining end of the 90 degree adapter.  Connect your vinyl hose to the barb.

Remove the mouthpiece from your camelbak hose.  Fit the camelbak hose tightly inside the vinyl hose.  You may want to apply some duct tape to avoid leaks.  Leaks shouldn't be too much of a problem since the whole system is gravity fed, not under pressure.

Attach your backpack to the frame inside the barrel.  You want the barrel to hang relatively level from your shoulders supported through the pack.  This process will vary depending on the configuration of the straps on your pack.  I found I need to use some additional rope to attach the backpack securely in front.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

For a bit of extra decoration, you can spray paint a label on your barrel.  I made my own stencils by printing out large letters and using an exacto knife to cut along the outline.  Tape your stencil to the barrel and spray paint it.

To use the spigot, you'll need to prime the hoses.  Fill your camelbak with wine or other tasty substance.  Hold it up while you open the spigot until liquid flows.  You may need to squeeze the bladder a bit to push any large bubbles through.

Finally, have a friend help you put the barrel on over your head.  Grab a glass and go out!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Halloween is about creativity and you got it!
    Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? I made mine out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-) leave comments tell me what you think..