Wine Bottle Accessory Rack

For wine lovers only:

If it's mildly uncouth to keep empty wine bottles around your home or workspace, add some functionality to them. To remind you of the good times and keep your life in order. Wine to keep you wound!

Step 1: Open a Bottle of Your Favorite Wine

Ideally to share with friends, but when serving remember pinky out.

Step 2: Clean Out Bottle, Add the Accessories!

Rinse out the wine bottle and lay on a smooth and dry surface. Take a look at the bottle's shape (some are stout, some are long and narrow) and decide what kind of accessories that you would like to maintain with the wine bottle.

For office use, I have used wine bottles to store paper clips and thumbtacks (once you fill it up you will be good for a long time) but today I am using the bottle to organize my hair ties. I used to put hair ties in a drawer or small bag, but often found I couldn't keep track of how many were left in the supply. Hanging hair ties on the neck of the bottle is a simple and stylish way to keep household items like hair ties in plain sight with a minimalist touch.

Step 3: Put Your New Accessory Rack in Its New Home

Voila! Give your refined and elegantly draped accessories a new home in the part of your living space that requires them. I place my hair ties on the counter about the toilet. What's usually dead space in my small apartment is now a bit more functional (and hip) thanks to my love for wine.



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    2 years ago

    Good to upcycle your bottle!