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I wanted a quick and easy accent lamp for my lounge so came up with this, it only takes about half an hour to make if you have all the tools already and only cost a few pounds. By chance this weeks challenge is Bottles so I shall be entering this. 

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

A nice looking glass bottle
A set of cheap LED fairy lights

Pillar Drill
A tile/glass/ceramic Drill Bit
Lubricant for drilling
Soldering Iron, Solider and heat shrink
A piece of string

Step 2: Bottle Drilling

I mounted the bottle in the towel lined jaws of a vice and clamp the vice to the drill table.  Then with the drill set on its slowest speed, slowly with gentle for start to drill the bottle ensuring a good amount of lubricate is always present. It will take between 10-15min to get through bottle. The finished hole should be smooth. If it is not smooth with some fine grade wet and dry abrasive paper. Once smooth wash the bottle with soapy water. The bottle must be dry before the lights are put in (this is less of a worry if you have bought interior/exterior lights. You can speed you drying by swilling the bottle with acetone after the water.

Step 3: Inserting Lights

Feed a length of string through the hole and out of the bottle neck. After cutting the plug off the string of lights, tape the end to the string and slowly feed and pull them into the bottle with the cable exiting through the drilled hole.

Step 4: Connecting Up

Now all that is left to do is reconnect the cut off plug. Do this by soldering the wires and covering with heat shrink. Turn on and enjoy.

Step 5: Finished

All that is left now is to enjoy the lamp. By using LED lights there should me minimal heat build up in the bottle.

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    no but as I was sealing the top with hot melt glue to stop it all shifting I didn't see the point