Simple Wine Bottle Light/ "Lamp"




I have been making these as Christmas gifts for years so I decide I'd share! they also make good night lights! most of the supplies were purchased at the local dollar store and it takes less than five minutes to make! you will need:
-a pretty bottle (a used a small sparkling cider bottle)

-a small string of Christmas lights (I used a strand of 20 clear lights)

- corks (I purchased a bag at Michaels but if you use a wine bottle save the cork)

- A decoration for the top ( you could just make a cute bow with some inexpensive ribbon)

- exaco knife (or something to cut a notch in the cork to make room for the cord)

Step 1: Insert Lights

first make sure your bottle is clean and dry with label removed(or you can leave the label on if youd like)
next you simply feed in the lights through the top, you may need a pencil or stick to gently push the lights down.

Step 2: Insert Cork

once the last light is in, insert cork. you may need to notch out a piece of the cork in order to fit it in the bottle wIth the cord,I purchased corks slightly smaller then the opening for this version.

Step 3: Finished

Last but not least add a decoration to make your new light "fancy" :-) you could skip this step if you just want a simple light!

Step 4: Finished

I LOVE this idea for a gift to give for the Christmas holiday! you can present this in a nice wine gift box! also it works great as a countertop decoration or even a bathroom night light! I hope you all enjoy! WARNING: the bottle does get warm if left on for an extended period of time.



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    4 Discussions

    chelsea smole1

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    thanks!! I had my 1 1\2 & 3 1\2 year olds help me, they loved it because it was quick and at the end they got to see it light up!

    mole1chelsea s

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you get 20 light strings? Are the led? How hot do they get? I'm wondering about using one as a nightlight for a kid's room.

    chelsea smole1

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I got them at dollar tree. They don't get hot enough to burn 1 1/2 year old touch the bulb on A night light and got burned that is why i use them as a night lights in my kids rooms and they give out a good amount of light.