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This is a great project for any wine or champaige conisure. This is a bottle and glass holder and carrier. It is made out of a piece of wood. I added stain to mine to make it look nice. This is cool cause you can carry four glasses and a bottle with one hand. Also it looks cool sitting on a counter or where ever. This is a fairly easy project to make that requires a few tools. This was pretty much a free project I had scrap wood laying around and stain. This can be made at different sizes depending on the sizes of the glasses you want to put in it. Basically theres a hole in the wood for the bottle neck to go threw and cuts on the corners for the slot for the wine glasses to slide in.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies



sand paper

tape measure


jig saw


drill bit

finishing sander

brush for stain

more ideas here

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting Wood

I cut my stand in a square shape to make it even on all sides. This makes it so when all the glasses are in it they sit even. To get the size I took my bottle and and glasses and make a template. I set the bottle on the wood so that it would be in the center. Then I drew a circle around the bottle on the wood. Then I set the wine glasses on the wood and measured an even amount for each glass around the circle from the bottle. The glasses are going to be in each corner. Make sure the glasses are spaced apart evenly from the edges and the bottle. The size of my stand is a 7 inch by 7 inch square. Make sure to mark where the center of the wine glasses is. This is where you going to cut to. I marked the center hole and then drilled a half inch circle threw where the center is of the glasses. Also I took a 1 and half inch drill bit and cut out the hole for where the wine bottle neck will go threw. Then the last thing you need to cut is the slots for the wine glasses to slip onto the wood. Since you have a half in hole cut for where the center of the wine glass is start there. I drew parallel lines 1/2 inch apart coming from the hole to the corner of the stand. there will be a quarter inch on each side of the corners going to the hole. I cut out the half inch with a jig saw so the wine glasses side into there correct spots.

Step 3: Sanding and Staining

Once you have all your cuts done make sure to sand all edges. I used a finishing sander and a fine grit sand paper to sand it. I Also hand sanded in the grooves. Staining the stand is recommened to make it look nice. Make sure to stain all edges and sides. Also get inside the center circle. Use a brush and spread it on evenly. Make sure to set it on something so it' floating as it dries. Make sure the stain doesn't build up. Let the stain dry and add your bottle and glasses.

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