Wine Cork Bulletin Board




Introduction: Wine Cork Bulletin Board

By gather everyday item, one can produce an unusual and unique bulletin board to help gather those ideas, stresses and reminders of the everyday. All one needs is an enormous collection of wine corks (if this does not reflect your personal collections, then please contact your local alchy), an oversized "unappreciated" book, several craft items and an hour or so to spare. This object is sure to help solve that masterful equation of art + life in a harmonious way, as that their marriage in such a manifestation polishes both in a tasteful and yet productive way.

Step 1: Gather Wine Corks

First begin by collecting (hopefully over a tremendous amount of time) one hundred or so wine corks. Again, if consuming that much wine simply isn't feasible get a little help from those who already participate in collecting these items.

Step 2: Choose a Backing

Next you will want to grab an old oversized book. And this will need to be picked with care as that its cover will be used as a backing for the board. So if you are nostalgic when it comes to books then maybe use an old math book or just a board for a lesser effect.

Step 3: Collect Necessary Materials

Aside from your own two hands, you will need rubber cement, scissors, twine, nails and a sturdy hammer. Luckily most of these things can be found in the every day home ;)

Step 4: Begin Ripping

This is perhaps the most uncomfortable step.. You will need to rip out every single page of the chosen book. So again, choose carefully like maybe a subject of a book that you don't really care for.

Step 5: Gluing Process

Carefully glue wine corks onto the inside of the book cover using the rubber cement. Strategically as that each cork is unique and size. You will want to fill every available space while avoiding the center binding which will still have ripped paper texture.
Just a note: You may want to complete this step in a well ventilated space as that the fumes from the rubber cement can be noxious.

Step 6: Nail

At the top of the object hammer a nail in the appropriate area for hanging purposes. You will most likely want to apply one to each side

Step 7: String It Up

Carefully tie a string to each nail with an appropriate amount of slack in between.

Step 8: Voila!

Your bulletin board is complete and ready for use!



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    10 Discussions

    Being mostly a consumer of box wine I don't get the opportunity to collect many corks. Your ideal has inspired me to upgrade my brand of refreshments. Thank you so much!

    1 reply

    If you don't drink wine but want to do this project, try asking at a cafe or bar to save you some corks.  Or ask friends and family to save theirs for you.

    I did this and got a bread bag full of corks for free. 

    What's the advantage of those page stubs in the center? 

    Most modern hardcover books are cheaply glued into the spine, so I'd just cut the end papers to get access to the spinal glue and work the pages out.  (A steamer or hair dryer will help degrade the glue so the signatures will come out.) Then the entire surface could be covered in corks.  Unless there's a use for the torn bits that I can't fathom.

    thanks for the pictorial, good idea!

    Might I ask why you chose to use a book for the backing of this project?

    A good 'ible. If you cut the corks in half from circular end to circular end you'd have twice as many and they'd stick to the board better.

    My wife made one of these and it looks and works great!

    I love this idea! It's so creative and I'm going to make one for my office!! However, what would your mother say about you having collected so many wine corks?

    I wish the pics were bigger and that you had a pic of it hung up & being used, but this is SUCH a neat idea!!

    Good Instructable! (And unlike most people you know how to spell "voila") L