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This is a great project to do at summer camp, in school, or any other place where kids are looking to be creative, learn, and have fun.

These boats actually float and hold up well.

You can improve on the basic design to make them more aerodynamic, less likely to capsized, or just get creative and make them look cool. Check out the "Get Creative" section for some ideas and guidance.

They can be a great tool to teach about buoyancy, aerodynamics, engineering, hydrodynamics, or even basic physics.

Step 1: Materials

Wine corks (wooden cork or rubber corks work fine, you can get these cheap at craft stores)

Foam sheets

Rubber bands


Body of water (for floating)

Sharpie (optional)

Step 2: Step 1: Rubber Band Your Corks

Line up your three corks horizontally. This will be the base of your ship (I find 3 to be perfect, as 4 tends to buckle.)

Take your three corks and rubber band them together. Double loop the rubber bands one on each side of your ship (a double loop should be enough for standard rubber bands, your corks will expand as the get wet).

Step 3: Step 2: Cut a Sail Out of Your Sheet Foam

The sail can be any shape, size, or color you want. The pink one pictured may be a little big if you want a fast ship.

For a basic design, cut a large square ruffly the size of your ship from the sheet foam.

Then stick the tooth pick through the middle top and bottom edges, feeing it through to make your sail.

Cutting a random piece of foam to be a flag on top will help keep the sail in place and make your boat look cool.

Step 4: Step 3: Stick Your Sail on Your Ship

Hold the tooth pick with the foam secured and press it into the first (or middle) cork. Make sure it is secure, but don't press too hard as the tooth pick could break.

And that is it!

Anchors away!

Step 5: Full Build Video

This is a clip of an entire build.

Step 6: Fun Stuff

These are pictures and short video clips of the boats in motion.

Get creative. You can see in the third picture this is a very stable boat, it will not go very fast, but it will endure the storm.

The three sailed tall ship in picture two, looks nice, but is not any faster.

The red sailed one from my video or the blue sailed one from the intro picture are probably your best models for speed.

Have fun and learn lots.

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