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These low cost wine cork markers are super easy to make and super fast. They hold up pretty well and so far are the best solution we've come up with for our balcony garden.

Step 1: BoM

Wine corks

Permanent Markers



Step 2: Label

Label your corks with permanent market. Whether you label your markers horizontal or vertical is up to you. I chose horizontal to make them easier for me to see.

Step 3: Impale

I tried to cut my dowels on a slant to make it easier to impale the wine corks on them. I ended up needing to dig a little hole in each cork before adding the stick. Hot glue would add more security if you're worried about the stick and wine cork coming apart.

Step 4: Plant

I made a couple blanks as we aren't 100% decided on what we are going to plant this year. I just made enough markers for the plants we know for sure we are doing. The corks can be reused a couple of times, I suggest replacing the sticks each year.

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