Wine Cork Shelf




Introduction: Wine Cork Shelf

We all save our wine corks thinking we can create a fun project, but more often than not they accumulate in a drawer or ziplock bag. Here's an easy solution for using your leftover wine works!


1 scrap piece of wood

Wine corks (amount depends on size of wood)

Loctite Adhesive

Command strips

Before beginning find where you're going to hang your shelf!

*Candle is meant for size comparison ~ flames near wood is not a good idea!*

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Step 1: Sketching

Sketch the path you want your wine corks to follow to act as a shelf. I made mine into a shape similar to an upside down omega. Placing the actual corks on the wood is helpful for visualizing your shelf.

Step 2: Gluing

Once you have your path, apply the adhesive to the bottom of the cork and firmly place onto the sketched path. Wait about a day for the adhesive to fully dry.

*Loctite is an adhesive recommended by the hardware store for specifically attaching porous materials (like corks) to a surface.

Step 3: Decorate!

Now that your corks are successfully glued to the piece of wood - attach the command strips to your new shelf. Place your shelf on the wall and begin decorating!

The shape I created is meant to hold a small light planter. But go ahead and play with the size of this. Have some creative freedom and half the corks to double your amount of corks (but keep in mind the won't have the same weight capacity when in half)

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    3 years ago

    That's really cute :) You should enter in the Trash to Treasure contest!