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Introduction: Wine Cork Trivet

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This week I made a trivet from wine corks. It's a quick and easy project to make, once you have enough wine corks, or you can buy them online or from a home brewing store.

The most basic version just requires a large hose clamp and a screwdriver. You can scale down the design with smaller clamps to make a set of coasters, too!

Step 1: Prep

Arrange the corks and tighten the screw until it holds everything in place. I used a craft knife to cut down a few corks that were longer than the rest. To add a personal touch, I cleaned and spray painted the hose clamp before tightening it around the corks.

Step 2: Glue

If you want your trivet to last more than a few uses, or stand up to transportation and storage, you'll want to glue the corks together. I like to use E6000 because of it's working time, or how long you have to adjust the pieces before it starts to set up. It dries clear and flexible in 24 hours.

Step 3: Trim

I used some (embarrassingly dull) sheet metal snips to trim off the end of the hose clamp. I filed/sanded the sharp end of the cut metal to smooth the sharp edge. A coarse nail file will work in the absence of files/sandpaper!

Step 4: Enjoy!

After the glue dries, the trivet is ready for use! Use it to protect your surfaces from hot pots and kettles, or just as a base for a table centerpiece. Post your version in the comments below! Thanks for reading my Instructable.

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    17 Discussions


    10 months ago

    This is one of those, why didn't think of it ideas! I think I'll put newspaper down to protect the table from extra glue.

    1 reply

    Nice thought. I did have a bit of glue come through, but I was working on a scrap piece of foamcore board.


    10 months ago

    Nice 'ible. Very clear and concise. Your snips were probably not that dull, most hose clamps are stainless steel, and that's a really hard metal to cut. Also many paints don't adhere well to stainless. If you're going to paint, perhaps roughing up the outside of the band with a bit of sandpaper first, may help.

    2 replies

    We make these and give them away as gifts. If you use the new artificial/plastic corks, include a warning that they may melt. We make and keep some from the trips we go on, especially on a cruise you get lots of different ones and make a nice momento of the trip.

    That's so sweet! Thanks for sharing.

    I have made round trivets using wooden embroidery hoops. They are relatively cheap, look nice and no metal to cut or worry about. They are available in a wide range of sizes as well to match most needs.

    1 reply

    10 months ago

    You could swap out the metal hose clamp for a couple Zip-Ties and then not worry about metal. I have to say, when ever I see corks like that, the first think that comes to mine is fishing corks or bobbers. I have a lathe and would spin them down to nice double tapered fishing bobbers and paint them with florescent type paints. But that is just me. Nice project and better then throwing things away.

    2 replies

    zip ties are plastic. They will melt if you put a hot pan on it.

    Yet the tie remains on the side, it could work... =]


    10 months ago

    Really nice idea! Looks good, and will get your table in good shape.

    How many years did you use to get so many wine-corks???

    About the hose clamp. These end up sharp, you noticed allready. It is almost impossible to get the loos part flat. If you open the clamp before fitting you can bend the part that will end up loose in a smaller circle so it will come closer.

    If you want to make more of those trivets there are also other clamps. They are used at axle boots. You need a special pliers for them but if you look on ebay they are not expensive. Search for cv joint boot clamp.

    This pliers:

    Is used with those clamps:

    This tool :

    is used with those clamps:

    This is a very nice clamp for your project I think

    Good luck with it!

    2 replies

    Years ? Try weeks. In France at least ;)

    That's why I not emigrated to France.

    Love the simplistic design and pink is the best!

    That's a really neat idea! I knew I'd been saving corks for a reason. Thank you :-)