Wine Cork Wreath




This instructable will walk you though how to turn all those wine corks you have lying around into a lovely holiday wreath!


Step 1: What You Will Need...

In order to complete a 15" wreath, you will need the following:
~ approximately 400 corks
~ toothpicks
~ 15" straw wreath (keep in packaging)
~ hot glue gun
~ wire for holder
~ decorational holly (optional)
~ ribbon for a bow

...and a lot of patience.

Step 2: Preparing the Corks...

This is the step that takes the longest....

To prepare the corks for the wreath, you will first poke a small hole into each cork on the side about halfway through.
Then put a small drop of hot glue on the cork where you've poked the hole.
Take a toothpick and push (slowly) into the hole.
Continue on until you've done about half of the corks. (it's good not to do all in case you don't need them all).

Step 3: Build the Wreath...

To start assembling the wreath, take a cork with a toothpick, put a drop of hot glue on the tip of the toothpick and stick into the wreath. (again, make sure to leave the plastic on the straw wreath as this plus the glue you just did will keep the corks stuck)

Continue the process of putting corks in around the wreath. You can do in a symmetrical pattern, or you can do randomly. I have done a random process and have built up two layers all the way around to give my cork some height and depth.

While it's too late at this point, it's good to note (if you want to do this again), that you can put the toothpicks in at the end of the corks which would create a very different look for your final product.

Continue until you have covered the wreath making sure to do the inside and outside - but leave the back empty for hanging.

Step 4: Adding Embellishments and Finishing Off the Wreath...

Once all the corks are in place, I suggest doing a spot check around to make sure the corks are set. If you find any that feel 'loose', take your glue gun and put a drop on the side of the cork and glue to a connector cork to lock it down.

For my wreath I bought a 7 foot length of holly and 'sugared' berries - thought it make it look like grapes. I cut that length into 5 pieces and then glued into place around the corks trying to hide the wire as much as possible.

Take some heavy gauge wire, and wrap around the wreath where you want the top to be. Create a loop for hanging.

For the final step, create a bow with some wire edging and then hook onto the wreath (I used ribbon wire to attach the ribbon to the hanging wire.

And voila - a lovely holiday wreath for the wine lover in your life!



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