Wine Glass Collars



Introduction: Wine Glass Collars

Wine glass charms, to identify which drink is yours are a bit, well, boring .  Wine glass collars are much more fun and can be personalised with someone's name or bear a joke or riddle to act as an icebreaker at parties.

You can make them out of sheet music, old magazines, maps, or, as I have done in this instructable, vintage wallpaper.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
a rotary cutter
cutting mat
assorted paper (e.g. wallpaper, comics, maps, magazines)

Step 2: Cutting the Paper

Use the rotary cutter to make a circle the size of the base of your wine glass

Step 3: Nearly Done

In the same circle you have just cut out, make a small circle (the size of the stem of the wine glass).
Now make a straight cut from the outer edge of the circle to the inner circle

Step 4: Collartastic!

Add your collar to your wine glass - you're done!

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