Wine on MacOS

Introduction: Wine on MacOS

Before starting make sure you have installed HomeBrew as per this Instructable:

How to install HomeBrew on macOS

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Step 1: Install Wine

First order of the day is to get Wine installed.

It's a ridiculously easy process. In Terminal simply type:

brew install wine

Let it do its thing.

Once complete Wine is installed but there's a couple of steps to go though.

Step 2: Install Zenity

Zenity is a graphical system that Winetricks uses to make things a little easier.

Once again install is as simple as typing in:

brew install zenity

Let the install continue

Step 3: Install Winetricks

Winetricks installs a number of Windows components that certain Windows apps need.

If you haven't already guessed its a simple install:

brew install winetricks

Let the install complete.

We'll get to configuring Winetricks in another Instructable.

Step 4: Install XQuartz

XQuartz is a windowing system developed by Apple to allow UNIX applications to run in macOS. While not actively installed with macOS anymore it is once again a simple install only a slightly different install.

In Terminal type:

brew install Caskroom/cask/xquartz

This will download and install XQuartz in a similar way to the previous installs although it also does a couple of macOS side steps that the other apps don't do.

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