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Introduction: Wine Racking Cane DIY

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Homemade easy wine racking cane. Used to transfer wine from one vessel to another or bottling.

Step 1: The Build and Materials

1/2 inch pvc pipe
1/2 inch pvc joint
1/2 inch pvc elbow
1/2 inch pvc cap
1/2 inch pvc to schedule 40 internal thread
5/8 inch nylon pipe nipple schedule 40 external thread
5/8 inch ID tubing.
(For bottling)
1/4 inch nylon pipe nipple schedule 40 external thread
1/4 inch nylon pipe nipple schedule 40 external thread

After assembly drill a few holes through the lower part of the cane just above the pvc cap. This allows the cane to suck up the wine and leave the trub behind.

!!! don't glue the pieces together!!!
This allows you to break the cane down to clean and sanitize all pieces.

Step 2: Done!

This cane is 14 inches tall for a 5 gallon bucket. You can also make a longer section of the cane to us in carboys and 6 gallon bottling buckets.

let me know of any improvements I can make our different accessories I can add to it. Or perhaps other uses.

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Yeah, did some more reading and it seems that standards have improved over the years. Some older references talk about PVC containing plasticisers and cadmium but all PVC manufactured in Australia and I assume in the US too, is now food safe.

    My apologies for not verifying my question first ☺️


    5 years ago

    I hope that's food safe pvc?


    Reply 5 years ago

    PVC is Food safe according to the PVC Pipe Association.
    "PVC pipe is the safest and most tested materials used in North America." and "Over 40,000 North American water utilities use pvc today."