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Introduction: Wine Tray

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For this wine tray I used 2 MDF boards 50cm x 25cm – one for the base and one as a top shelf.
Aluminum pipe was sawed to 3 same parts - 15cm each one.
In a base plate I drilled 3 through holes and then hollows, about 5 mm depth.
On the next step I attached top board to the base in reason to drill 3 holes in exactly places for pipes.
I did one layer coating and after the drying is a last step – an assembly.
I used 3 screw rods and decorative nuts (M6).

So, if your friends invited you to BBQ - this tray can be a good present for them :)

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    Question 9 months ago on Introduction

    Really nice design. Do you have a template for this build? Appreciate any details (dimensions) .


    6 years ago

    wonderful..i like it