To build these wings you need spray paint (color of your choice),Styrofoam board, Plastidip, yarn (of any color) and handles.

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Step 1: Step One: Cut Out the Wings

First find a design on google images that fits the design you are looking for. the one one of these is drawn cut it out. after this use the cut out wing to trace another wing that will be cut out next. once the second wing has been traced. spray paint the wing with your color.

Step 2: Step Two: Braid Three Strands of Yarn.

Once you have these three strands braided. make a slip- knot and glue down the tail of the braid.this allows you to tighten this braid to fit your shoulders.

Step 3: Step Four: Gluing Down the Grip

The bucket handle will be used as a grip. This can be easily formed to your comfort. then use hot glue to keep the grip in past.

Step 4: Now You Have Finished Your Wings

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    was there a reason for creating your wings?