Winifred Sanderson

I love the movie "Hocus Pocus". After searching online for a premade Winifres Sanderson costume with no luch, I decided to make it myself.

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Step 1: Her Cloak

I went to the fabric store and got this stretchy crushed velvet fabric. I think I only bought 2 yards. It was $2 a yard.

I simply laid out the fabrick and placed another jacket on top to get my measurements. Then I cut out the shape I wanted pined it and sewed. I then added the clasp.

Step 2: Painting

I then tacked it to a piec of foam board and with white paint I laid in my design. Once that dried I painted over it with gold leaf paint. I then glued on rinestones for extra sparkle.

Step 3: The Dress

I took an old green dress I had and cut straight up the front. I bought a 1/2 yard of purple fabric and a yard of orange fabric and added them to the front. I also took the gole string and strung it throught the green to give it a fitted look.

Step 4: The Shoes

I bought a $10 pair of green boots on line. I then took a white paint pen and drew in the design I wanted. Then I went over the white with a gold leaf paint pen. Last I added a couple of gold rinestones to finish it off.

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    11 months ago

    That's awesome. By FAR, the easiest Winnifred costume I've seen yet!!


    2 years ago

    Welcome to Instructables! Your costume is simply gorgeous. Thank you for sharing with us!