Winter Fave: Chilli Con Carne (GF)




Introduction: Winter Fave: Chilli Con Carne (GF)

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Ingredients @1:01

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Step 1: How to Chilllllliiii

1. Heat the olive oil up in a wok, then add the garlic, red onion and salt and pepper.

2. Once the onions turn translucent, add the mince meat. Roughly break it up with a wooden spoon then add the paprika, pili-pili, cayenne pepper and ground cumin. Stir it all together and leave over a medium heat until the mince has browned. Stir the whole thing regularly so it doesn't stick and burn to the wok and to ensure that the mince has been broken into small bits.

3. Once that's done, pour in the tomatoes and their juice (make sure you also rinse the inside of the tin the tomatoes came in with some water and add that to the wok). Stir that together and break up the tomatoes with the spoon.

4. Add in the sliced carrots and stir them in.

5. Once the carrots start to soften, add the red kidney beans and the mushrooms. Continue cooking over a medium heat, stirring regularly.

6. When the mushrooms have shrunk and turned brown and the carrots are softer, add in the sweet corn and stir in.

7. Let cook for a few minutes longer then serve with some brown rice. Add some grated cheese or sour cream if you desire. But that's it!

Step 2: Looking Forward to This for Lunch

I've just bought myself a Thermos "meal flask" that's absolutely great! It doesn't leak and keeps your food warm for hours - two very important factors when it comes to lunch boxes. Especially when your school doesn't have a microwave.

Anyway, I'm really excited to cook up a big batch of this and take it to uni for lunch. It'll not only warm me up and give me energy to focus on my lessons, but also (hopefully, fingers crossed everyone!), prevent me from buying the only gf snacks my school provides that aren't fruit. And I can assure you, they are neither healthy nor filling. Sigh.

Anybody else like to take warm lunches in to school/work? What do you take and what do you take it in?

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