Winter Headband




Time: 15-20 minutes
Fabric: Fleece

My youngest daughter is going skiing this week with her class. So, I made her a reversible fleece headband for the slopes.

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Step 1: Supplies & Cutting

2 different colors of fleece fabric
Cut each piece 24″ × 4″
Sewing machine
Other sewing supplies

Cut 2 pieces of fleeces for the reversible headband. Each piece should be 24 inches long x 4 inches wide. (I ended up making 2 headbands)

Step 2: Pinning & Sewing

1.Set up your machine and tools.

2. Pin the two pieces of fabric together, wrong side out.

3. Sew down both long sides. Remove the pins. Pull the fleece through to the right side.

4. Tuck the ends of the fabric, inside each other and pin. Pin down the sides to keep the fabric in place.

5. Topstich down one long side. Turn sideways and sew the top pieces together, remove the pins as you go. Then Topstich down the other long side.

Step 3: Winter Ready!

Trim any threads and it’s ready for the ski slopes. ;)

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