Winter Indoor Garden (Grow Box)

Introduction: Winter Indoor Garden (Grow Box)

I wanted to grow tropical plants in my appartement, which worked good in summer, but with cold and dark German Winter coming I had to come up with a better solution than the window ledge. Furthermore I had problems with mold in my bathroom, due to the moist air, which I could not get outside in cold Winter. So I thought about a solution to both of my problems and I built a grow box, that uses the moist and warm air out of my shower to help my plants thrive. (Please pardon my bad English, I try to explain everything as good as possible!)

You need:

4-times 70cm angle profiles (aluminium)

2-times 30cm angle profiles (aluminium)

2-times 50cm angle profiles (aluminium)

3-times 20cm angle profiles (aluminium)

2-times 70cm x 50cm acrylic glass

2-times 70cm x 30cm acrylic glass

50cm x 30cm acrylic glass

50cm x 30cm x 10cm planter (plastic); utility box

40V fan

70cm hinge band

bulb socket

PVC pipe

multiple socket

LED buld (for growing)

scrap metal (remainders of the angle profiles)

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Step 1: Building the Frame

You need to connect the angle profiles as shown (I used rivets, but it is up to you)

Then use superglue to fix the glass panels on the three sides (except the front and the top)

Step 2: Attach the Door to the Frame

Use screws to fasten the hinge band to the front of the frame.

Then attach the glass panel to the hinge band.

I used a piece of scrap metal to make a bolt for the door.

Step 3: Attach the Frame to the Box

In order to prevent the frame from slipping of the box we attached angle profiles to the box.

Step 4: Electronics

Drill holes into the glass panel (that one for the top) to fit the bulb socket and the PVC pipe in.

Attach the fan directly below the PVC pipe.

Now everything is finished and you are ready to go...

As you can see my plants (Jackfruit, passionfruit and papayas) like it ;-)

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    Great looking indoor grow box. What spectrum lights did you use?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! I use a LED with 3 different kinds of spektra: 630nm, 660nm and 460nm. If you want to know more feel free to ask!