3d Model Winter Mario

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Overview This tutorial will be brief. This project assumes you have sculptris downloaded onto your computer. The installation instruction is fairly straightforward. If you instead want a 3d printable 2d image (an extruded 2d image) I suggest viewing my other instructable, or using Project CharmR. If you are interested in simply printing this just download a .sc1 file at the bottom, open it up in sculptris, and save it as a .obj. Then I suggest using autodesk meshmixer to open the .obj and print from there.

Step 1: Creating the Base From a Picture

Find an image, and import it directly into sculptris--An option to do this is found under, you guessed it, options. The top left corner you should see a list of buttons. These are the tools you will use to make your model. Take a careful note of them by hovering over them. They do exactly what they say they will do, and will also display a hot-key to make modeling faster. If you are going to be designing several models, it is wise to learn these.

Each tool has its own options as seen at the top of your window. The options for most tools are size, strength and detail. They are each fairly self-explanatory. Make sure that the symmetry option is on. A faint line on your sphere should be telling you which sides will be symmetrical, so rotate if you need too. Start by selecting the "grab" tool. Use it too pull the sphere so you have an outline of your image. once this is complete use the "inflate" tool to pull out the relatively flat outline--the sculpting parody of extruding. Inflate the areas that stick out more. Then change your view to the back side and repeat. Use the "smooth" tool as much as you can while still maintaining the desired look.. Use the a smaller size and the "draw tool" to get even more in detail. Note that their is indeed an option to inverse the direction your brush is affecting. Press the "X" key on your keyboard to do this. Want to switch back? Simply press the "X" key again! How convenient!

To detail your object I recommend using "crease" tool. It is good you separating important sections, while inverting it makes it good for hair/fur. I also like to use it for fingers and toes. Continue detailing until you are satisfied with the result. If you want to you can stop here. If you want to add color to your objects click "paint" It will take a while to prepare your object to paint. Painting a 3d object is surprisingly easy with sculptris. Just think of it as painting on a 3d canvas and you'll be good.

Step 2: Conclusions

Congratulations! You now have a thorough knowledge of digital sculpting! Make more objects or look at mine and other instructables to learn more. This could be turned into a ornament easily with a rotated torus, or given a base to rest on one's desk. Its up to you! Feel free to leave questions of criticisms in the comments. (or just comments

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Nota bene: If you don't make a 3d printer you can still make your objects! See Autodesk Make!

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    This looks awesome! I really love your color choice - it looks superb. Great job making Mario look pudgy - it really conveys that cozy feel! I absolutely love the mustache. It reminds me of my uncle's mustache - great big and bushy. Extremely awesome job doing all those details on Mario, you must be so skilled with 3d design! Absolutely incredible job, I hope to see more of your work up.

    I also nominated you for a 3-month Pro Membership, I love your project so much! Great work.

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    Wow! Thank you! Your really too kind! It took me a while to get it just right... I'll be sure to release more in the future! (right now I'm planning on making link...) Your projects are really good too! I just love this site!