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Introduction: Winter Outdoor Cat House

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This project came about because of the neighborhood outdoor cat, Smokey. (Or Cheese. It depends on who you ask. Sometimes Smokey Cheese, too.) My siblings felt sorry that the cat had to endure the frigid temperatures of this winter, and so I cobbled together a little hut for it as protection from the snow and wind.

The construction is two plywood sheets with scrap wood pieces at the top for the screws to hold onto. The plywood sheets are about two feet long and one-and-a-half feet tall. There is an overlap at the top to ensure that rain doesn't get inside the hut. On the taller plywood side, the plywood is screwed flat against the scrap wood. On the other, shorter plywood piece, the screws are in at an angle, screwed into the scrap. Both ends are open, so that the cat can enter and exit both sides.

- Big Plywood Sheet
- Screws
- Something to keep a right angle between the sides - scrap wood, right-angle brackets, etc.

- Drill
- Saw
- Radio - to keep you psyched up

At first, I placed the hut by the dryer vent, thinking that it would keep the cat warmer, and because it slept there all the time before. Then somebody moved it to the back patio, where the cat always seems to be. Anyways, I've never seen the cat get inside, and it's survived the winter so far, so I'm salvaging the plywood for my sledge floor. It was a good concept, but I guess the cat likes its bush or tree or whatever else more than the hut.

Thanks for reading!
- basementhacker



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    Make sure there is not a lot of open space up top because the cold air will settle in. Make a floor and insulate it because sitting on cold brick or cement is well, cold. Make it with all four walls and use straw not hay because materials and hay keep moisture. Use insulation. Think about how you would like to stay warm when it is so cold out. thanks for thinking of the cat

    Thanks for caring enough to make this for him. It's hard to get a stray or feral to use a shelter. Try adding a floor and some cedar bedding. My feral babies don't like to use their shelters either but will when it's really bad.

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    I would add a third wall and maybe a plastic flap opening. I lined my shelters with the rigid foam insulation. That helps a lot to keep them warm along with the cedar bedding. BTW...he's a beauty. Don't use cloth anywhere because it will hold the moisture.