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Don't you hate it when its the dead of winter and your standing outside of your car freezing half to death and your door wont open. Or when you just got done shopping and your trunk won't open because its frozen shut. Well here is a simple life hack that can easily free you from that terrible situation.

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Step 1: Selecting Your Products

First, you will need some supplies:

Silicon lubricant (spray or cream)

A rag, any cloth type fabric will do

A all purpose cleaner

A Car

Step 2: Preparing

You need to clean the surface of the rubber lines on the door before you begin. Almost any type of cleaner is capable of doing the job. If you do not clean the rubber then the silicon won't stick to the door as great as if it was cleaned.

Step 3: Applying the Silicon

You don't want to put on too much silicon otherwise it won't work, for this job less is more. Only a couple of dabs on a rag, will do. Once you put the silicon on the rag, rub the rag together to spread the silicon out. once you've done this you are ready to apply the silicon. You want to go over the black rubber on both sides of the door. It will work best if you go over it twice.

Step 4: Silicon Is Not Only for Doors...

You can use this method for your trunk too. The silicon creates a liquid barrier for your door so when the water drips in the cracks of your car door and freezes, The silicon will stop the ice from holding both sides of the door together. This will allow you to open your door with ease and hassle free!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! We use to use the spray silicon in our boots so our feet would slide right in!


    5 years ago

    This is great! I've never thought about winterizing my car. And I'm sure this works better than the old cooking spray version that I've always been way to scared to try on my car door. Thanks for the info!

    1 reply

    Thanks, and no problem! This is a very easy way to protect your car from the winter, and there is nothing to be afraid of with this method haha.