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Introduction: Wire Angel

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This isn't food or HALLOWEEN related so it's a little different from my usual posts. A young friend is involved in an organization that deals with the loss of young and prebirth children, she wanted some kind of Angel and I remembered making these for the holidays many years ago. I explained the steps to her and promised a step by step so here it is.

 NOTE: I used materials I had on hand, gold or silver craft wire is preferred to green floral wire !

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Step 1: Materials

you are going to need;

 A roll of gold or silver craft wire.. yes I'm using green floral for the demonstration
 Beads (depending on size of wire and finished "Angel") I didn't have any beads so I made a ball out of aluminum foil
 a cylinder form (pill bottle)
 wire snips

Step 2: Start

you need to firmly wrap the wire around the cylinder form at least 6 times but more is better, I used 9 wraps here

Step 3: 1

take the coil of wire from the form and wrap the 2 ends around the bundle once or twice and then twist the 2 wires together

Step 4: 2

place the bead over the single wire and then form a halo hoop at the top of the wire by twisting and then bend the "halo" over. For larger "angels" I used seed beads on the halo

Step 5: 3

from the back chose (in this case) 3 wire loops and pull up to the side to form a wing, repeat on the other side, pinch and pull the remaining loops to form the "skirt". Depending on how many original loops you made you could add more loops to the wings and bend each a little different to give it more form or give the skirt more of a 3d aspect

Step 6: Finished

The whole thing takes less than 10 minutes to create depending on how much you manipulate the wings and skirt. Although these were originally made to hang from wreaths and trees during the holidays if you used a flat bead they would work in a memorial book

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great craft for the family to do! I really like stuff like this. Not too difficult, not expensive, results are great...and you can put a little more or less effort into it as you see fit.

    Hint: Holidays like Christmas, Halloween (comming soon), Valentines should be easy to come up with something similar (even though the angel covers xmas there are so many others).


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You're right, these would make a great family craft, they also make great inexpensive gifts that people really seem to appreciate. Halloween is our big family holiday, we have about 11 weeks until our Haunted House is due to open ! Thank you for commenting.