Wire Bound Sheet Metal Dinosaur Skeletons

Introduction: Wire Bound Sheet Metal Dinosaur Skeletons

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There a many dinosaur how to's on this site. This is yet another. Don't have a link for the blue prints but I'm sure you can find them. The t-Rex is made from sheet copper, and brass 18g wire. The pterodactyl is made from sheet metal , brass 18g wire, and galvanized steel 18g wire. The t rex standing two feet tall and three feet long, and 40 meters of wire. The pterodactyl a foot by two feet and has 27 meters of wire.
You will need
- tin snips
- rotary tool
- drill
- wire brush
- hammer
- pliers

- sheet metal
- wire

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Step 1: Cut Out Blueprint

Step 2: Draw Blueprints Onto Sheet Copper

Using a marker trace your stencils onto the sheet metal.

Step 3: Cut Out Pieces

Using your snips, carefully cut out all your shapes. I sliced myself several times doing this so do it slowly

Step 4: Flatten Pieces

Step 5: Cut Slots Into the Pieces

Step 6: Clean Up All the Edges

Step 7: Wire Brush

Step 8: Drill Holes

I pretty will got carried away with this project at this point and stopped documenting it. I basically spent a good chunk of time planning where the holes would go. And where I wanted the wire to go.

Step 9: Wire Together

After drilling the holes. I tried to use long pieces of wire pulling them through the holes with pliers . Putting a barb where the wires intersect.

Step 10: Your Done! Pterodactyl!

Step 11: Your Done T Rex!

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I wish you had posted the link to the Harbor Freight models for the skeleton idea....


    5 years ago

    Pretty well. Just bigger scale, and wire bound sheet metal.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    It looks like you remade one of those plywood puzzle-models?