Wire Bound Sheet Metal Dinosaur Skeletons


Introduction: Wire Bound Sheet Metal Dinosaur Skeletons

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There a many dinosaur how to's on this site. This is yet another. Don't have a link for the blue prints but I'm sure you can find them. The t-Rex is made from sheet copper, and brass 18g wire. The pterodactyl is made from sheet metal , brass 18g wire, and galvanized steel 18g wire. The t rex standing two feet tall and three feet long, and 40 meters of wire. The pterodactyl a foot by two feet and has 27 meters of wire.
You will need
- tin snips
- rotary tool
- drill
- wire brush
- hammer
- pliers

- sheet metal
- wire

Step 1: Cut Out Blueprint

Step 2: Draw Blueprints Onto Sheet Copper

Using a marker trace your stencils onto the sheet metal.

Step 3: Cut Out Pieces

Using your snips, carefully cut out all your shapes. I sliced myself several times doing this so do it slowly

Step 4: Flatten Pieces

Step 5: Cut Slots Into the Pieces

Step 6: Clean Up All the Edges

Step 7: Wire Brush

Step 8: Drill Holes

I pretty will got carried away with this project at this point and stopped documenting it. I basically spent a good chunk of time planning where the holes would go. And where I wanted the wire to go.

Step 9: Wire Together

After drilling the holes. I tried to use long pieces of wire pulling them through the holes with pliers . Putting a barb where the wires intersect.

Step 10: Your Done! Pterodactyl!

Step 11: Your Done T Rex!



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    3 Discussions

    I wish you had posted the link to the Harbor Freight models for the skeleton idea....

    Pretty well. Just bigger scale, and wire bound sheet metal.

    It looks like you remade one of those plywood puzzle-models?