Wire Bracelet



Introduction: Wire Bracelet

This is a simple easy to make wire braided bracelet that you can give to you wife, girlfriend, or daughter for Valentines Day.

Step 1: Cut the Wire

Cut the wire into three even peices.

Step 2: Pink

Lay one piece of wire on a sheet of paper and spray it pink.

Step 3: Red

Lay another piece on a different sheet and spray it red.

Step 4: White

Take the last piece of wire and la it on another piece of paper and spray it white.

Step 5: Dry

Let the wire sit and dry I sugest over night.

Step 6: Braid

After letting the wire dry over night take the wire in your hands and set them so they are barely crossing at the top. Then simplay braid till you get to the bottom of the wire. You can twist the wire together at the bottom after braiding it...I chose not it.

Step 7: Bracelet

After you have braided the wire take the two ends and twist them together so it makes a bracelet. Make sure it is the right size and that the ends if the wire aren't going to jab you.

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