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With a small section of wire you can make all kinds of buttons. The wire I’m using is 16 gage zinc plated wire. You can pick it up at the hardware store. Since this type of wire would rust in the wash the button would have to be removable. You’d do that by making a tiny button hole where the button would normally be sewed on. A removable clip would hold the button in place. But you could always use wire that doesn’t rust.

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Step 1: Start Wrapping

Cut a section of wire and form a loop with round nose pliers. Place the loop in vise grips. Hammer the free ends of the wire flat against the jaws of the pliers (see the pictures).

Start wrapping the wire around the center of the loop. Use needle nose pliers to tighten the gaps out from between the wire.

Hammer it flat as needed as you continue to wrap the wire.

Step 2: File the Ends

File the ends of the wire as you desire. If you file the ends down like I did you may want to solder them in place so nothing gets caught on a sharp edge.

Step 3: Polish

Use polishing compound on a polishing wheel to shine the buttons.

Now you can sew on the button or use the hole and clip method like mentioned in the intro.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Once again, a nice little instructible.....Have you tried using copper or stainless wire for these, I bet they would come out really nice.

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