Wire Buzz Game + Video :D



Hello from France!

To day i want to shaw you how i do a wire buzz game.

I joined a motor bike club and every year we do a Touristique Rallye with a funny game along the trip

and for this year i created a wire buzz game with the logo from my team.

Step 1: Tools You Need It

to prepare the work you need:

- Metal string

- Horn (mine is come from a motor bike)

- Batterie (From a bike to :) )

- Wooden box ( I used a wine wooden box)

- Drill and drill bit

- Soldering iron

- Wooden baguette (for the handel)

Step 2: Connection

You can see on the plan how i create the electrecity way for the game.

nothing complex if you have a little bit of time to spend ^^

I use a wine wooden box fr the game, you just need to put it up side down

make some hole for:

- The wire

- Fix the horn and for the noise

- The handle for playing

For the wire i just print the logo of my team at the size i need and you just follow the contour with the metal string,

I add some black tape on each border, like that you can leave the handel without connectivity.

For some better connection i used a soldering iron, like that you don't have any interference.

Step 3:

and this is the final video with a friend try the first time the game

I hope you enjoy it.

If you have any questions don't bye shy :)

Have a good day




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