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Introduction: Wire Dangle Earrings

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In this instructable, you'll see how to make these cute dangle earrings.

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Step 1: What You Need

To make these earrings, you'll need...

A pair of pliers (and wire-cutters. I use a Leatherman, which has both)

1 pair of Earring Hooks


Two jump rings

Beads (optional)

Head/end pins (optional)

Step 2: Making Wire Circles

Make two sets of three wire circles (this is how many I used. You can use more) that are nicely proportional to each other. My largest circle was about 1.5 inches in diameter after making a loop.

You can use any household items to make these circles, such as soda/beer bottles and markers. And you can make them any size you want, but the smallest circle should be larger than a fat marker (in diameter) or else it's pretty hard to work with.

Step 3: Making the Loops

Grab the end of the largest circle with your pliers and twist it into a loop (the third picture). Then bend it so that it appears as the fourth picture does.

On the other side of the circle, make a turn in the wire like you're about to finish a loop, but leave it like that.

You should now have a hook on one side and a bent loop on the other. Link the hook underneath the loop. Shut the hook. (Last picture)

I apologize if this doesn't make much sense - it's sort of hard to explain, but you should be able to get it to look right.

Step 4: Repeat for the Middle Circle (and the Smallest)

You should now have three circles with loops on the top.

Step 5: The Beads (optional Step)

Note: If you have head/end pins, this step is easier and faster.

If you do not have head or end pins:

Make a very tiny hook at the end of a wire and bend it into the smallest possible loop.

Slip the bead on.

Make a normal loop at the top of the "bead wire" (which is what I call wires with beads on them).

Step 6: Finishing

Attach the bead to the smallest circle.
Open a jump ring and put the circles on - to get the look I got, put them on in the order of largest, smallest, medium.
Before closing the ring, make sure to add the earring hooks.
Note: Before wearing your new earrings you should clean them. Also be sure to check if you're (or the person you're giving them to) allergic to the metal the earrings are made of.
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    Artemis Z
    Artemis Z

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry if there are lots of little shiny things in the pictures. I accidentally spilled glitter all over my workspace XD