Wire Desk Figure

Introduction: Wire Desk Figure

This little tin man is relatively easy to make and can be done in about 15 minutes. If you are a fan of the wizard of oz you could give him a heart.

What you will need:


-Tin wire

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Step 1: Making the Arms and Head

Fold back about 12cm wire then cut it on the other side 12cm from the bend. Next, with pliers bend the tip of the wire 90o to the side and then 90o towards you as shown in the pictures above. After that, bend the wire into a a loop as shown.

Step 2: Making the Legs. Part 1

Cut a a piece of wire to 30cm and then bend it into a loop and then put the loop around the tin mans head and tighten the loop by pulling on the ends of the wire. Then bend the ends of the loop around his arms as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Making the Legs. Part 2

Bend the ends of the loop over each other and now using pliers bend the ends of his legs forward to act as feet. If his arms and head wobble around a lot try tightening the some of the different loops around his neck. Bend his legs to act as knees so he can sit on things.

Now you have a movable tin buddy that sits on your desk.

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