Wire Dispenser




Introduction: Wire Dispenser

A wire rack made from parts out of a printer and sign holder. Holds a ton of wire ... and it was cheap.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

- 2 Copier Rails
+ These are the rails that the reflecting mirror moves on in a copier ours had holes in it that we re-used but you could also drill your own.
- Aluminium Tubes
+ These tubes should fit in the holes on the rail. These came from some Italian sign holder.
- Threaded rods & Caps
+ These should fit inside the aluminum tubing.
- Plywood
+ For the base.

Step 2: Attach Rail Support Blocks

Cut a small piece of plywood so that it fits in between the sides of the rails and is flush with the bottom of one end. Attach the block to the railing with screws. Somewhat luckily the ply fit inside of our rail, you might have to get smaller ply or thin the block to fit it in a narrower rail.

Step 3: Fix Rails to Base

Cut a rectangular piece of ply to whatever dimensions you want to make the rack and screw the rail blocks to opposite edges of the base. Next cut the tubing to the inside dimensions of the rails and the rods slightly longer (long enough to allow the nuts to screw on).

Step 4: Complete Final Assembly

Insert the threaded rod through holes in the rail and the tube over the rod then add the wire spools to the rod, fix the endcaps and your done.

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    6 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    "That's my lab table, and this is my work stool, and over there is my intergalactic space ship. And here is where i keep assorted lengths of wire."
    :D awesome


    13 years ago

    Now when you say it holds a ton, does it actually hold that much wire? :-P.


    14 years ago

    I would probably make those smaller wooden dowels that screw in to the metal rails, a little wider for stability. Good instructable though


    14 years ago

    Great job, man! I really like the idea, and it can come in handy when you only have one hand available. Nice idea.