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Introduction: Wire Dragon

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Thanks to OniTora for the inspiring instructable "wire scorpions" i found how to make a wire dragon by looking at a picture. Hope you all enjoy!

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Step 1: Supplies

Too make this dragon you will need:

24. gauge wire
wire cutters
needle nose pliers

Step 2: Cutting the Wire

Cut fourteen strips of wire each 6-7 inches long

Step 3: Tail

Take six wires and set aside the rest for later. Pinch the middle of all six wires with the needle nose pliers. Bend one wire at a 90 degree angle and twist around the bundle of wires. Repeat this process until you have one wire left.

Step 4: First Body Half and Legs

Bend the remaining 8 pieces of wire in half. set four aside. These will be your dragon's legs and body. Beginning at the end of the coil , wrap the end of a bent wire around the bundle , and pull tight. the less they slide the better. Repeat for all four wires. Be sure each wire crosses in the same order (Left over right is how i do it)

Step 5: Making the Body and Legs

Flip dragon over and take the furthest back pair of wires, and wrap them forward over each other right over left, and then around the wires again. Repeat four times. You will end up with four wires protruding from both sides. Take one wire and wrap it around the other three as you did for the tail. take the other three wires and twist together, then leave three toes at the bottom. Repeat this step to make another body segment and use up your last four wires.

Step 6: The Head

This is your chance to be creative. your can make the head any way you would like to. i like to twist the two middle wires into a snout, leave two for the whiskers and two for the eyes. Like i said, be creative. There is no right or wrong way. Once you have the head done, your finished! These make great gifts and such for friends and family!

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    5 Discussions

    I make humans and dogs out of wire(about the size of your hand) i could proberly post a pic if you want


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    yes i would very much like to learn how to make a dog. Thanks!

    Thats pretty cool. i also do some stuff with wire but the wire i use is thicker. Sweet though.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    take a pic or make an instructable on how to make it ok? i would love to learn how to make more things out of wire!