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Easy DIY wire earrings.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Everything I used is pretty adaptable so if you need to be creative to avoid having to buy all new go for it!
What I used:
12 Gauge Aluminium wire - it's pretty soft and easy to work with.

26 gauge wire in a colour of your choice

Something to cut your wire and something to bend your wire. This wire is soft enough that you could bend it with your hands alone but you will need some cutters.


Hammering surface and hammer. If your hammer is all dinged up you will leave marks on your wire. If you have nothing else just do it evenly and call it textured :)

Ear wires

*Not pictured but a file or piece if sandpaper will help get the bottom edges smooth so you don't scrape your skin.

Step 2: Cutting Your Wire Lengths.

You will need two 3 inch pieces of the 12 gauge aluminium wire and two 10 inch pieces of the 26 gauge wire.

Step 3: Bend and Hammer the Aluminium Wire.

Bend both pieces of the 3 inch wire at regular intervals. I just used the length of my pliers. Once you have them looking how you want them you can start hammering them. I recommend heading outside or putting something soft under your hammering surface as it can get kind of loud. I used a folded up tea towel.

Step 4: Wrapping Your Contrasting Wire.

Take your 10 inch length of wire and bend it at 2 inches. String the hoop on the bottom of your ear wire where your bend is and then wrap it around once so the wire is secured around the ear wire hoop.

Step 5: Finish the Wire Wrapping.

Your earrings need to be mirror images in how they sit so that they look right when you are wearing them. Remember this as you now attach your pieces.
Put the aluminium wire in between the two pieces of 26 gauge that are sticking down from your ear wire. Get a firm grip on all pieces from the side of the ear wire and bend the smaller length of the 26 gauge around the aluminium wire and the longer piece of the 26 gauge. Wrap until used up and tuck the end snugly next to the aluminium wire. Now take the longer length of 26 gauge and wrap it around the tucked end of the first piece and all the way up to where you looped the ear wire then continue wrapping evenly until you run out of wire.

Step 6: All Done!

Admire your work. Great Job!



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