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Hello again. If you have seen any other of my instructables you would know I have used something called fantasy film. Fantasy Film is a liquid based product that requires loopd wire. When you dip the wire into the coloured Fantasty film and the loop is then filled with the film. You then leave the wire to set. This will only take a few minutes. If youre interested, check out my other instructables.

Anyway, You will need;

- Fantasy Film

- Wire (26 and 28 gauge wire)

- Needle nose plyers

- And a lot of time on your hands, really...it takes along time.

Step 1: Making the Base

Grab a length of the 28 gauge and bend it into the shape circled. You can print off the picture in A4 as it is to scale. Feel Free to bend the shape more. Personalise it as much as you want. Something like this is quite a personal project as you can never make something like this the exact same as another.

Step 2: The Body

The body is probably one of the easiest steps as it only includes bending six 26 gauge wire into the same shape shown in both pictures. As I mentioned in the previous step, feel free to go away from the main format of my own and make it yours. Add more kinks and you can even shorten the body.

Step 3: Making the Body

Making the body includesd wrapping 7-10mm of the 26 gauge wire around the base (28 gauge wire). The wire is quite malleable and easy to bend but feel free to use the plyers. Wrap only 3 of the wires you made around the base.

Step 4: The Middle Section

The middle section is just there to make the entire structure more solid. Use the picture in step 1 to get a gist od what it should look like. I have also circled it in the first picture on this step so you know how bit it is compared to the base. Use the 28 gauge wire this time as it is much thicker then the other one. Use plyers to cut the piece to the right length. Attach or wrap the opposite ends of the body wire to this middle part using the plyers or your fingers.

When this stage is complete, you can use the remaining 28 gauge wire to make a support for the two pieces. Make this 20mm bigger then the height of the body to make up for the bending of the wire and so you can wrap it around the base and middle section. Refer to the pictures provided for help. I would definitely use your plyers to do this.

Step 5: The Top Support

The top support is where the branches will be attached from. This should be made from your thicker wire as it is much stronger. Bend this into an obscure shape. Feel free to use the template provided. Definitely use the plyers as it will help you to get that weird shape you want.

Step 6: Finishing the Body

The body can be as thick or as tall as you dream. But take into consideration the balance and centre of gravity. use the thinner wire ( 26 gauge) to fix the pieces into place and make sure you use as much as you can to get a strong structure. Use the thinner wire to thicken the over all surface of the tree body.

Step 7: Adding the 'branches'

Adding the 26 gauge branches is very easy. just place the wire in the area you want it, then wrap a small piece around one of the three layers in the body. Add as many as you want. I added only 12 but feel free to add more.

Step 8: Fantasy Film - Making the Leaves

This is the best part of the instructables... making the leaves using fantasy film. Use the thinner 26 gauge wire to make some small leaves along the wire. Make no more then 4 leaves per length of wire as you need to dip them in individually. Once dipped, place onto a drying mat or Styrofoam. Try not to use paper as the wire with fantasy film on will stick to the paper and ruin the over all finish.

Step 9: Adding the Leaves

Use the leaves to finish the tree. wrap the leaves around the branches you made in step 7. Spread the leaves out as much as you can. If you don't have enough, remember you can always make more. This is quite difficult and fiddly so be careful.

Step 10: Finishedddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATION!!!, you have now finished your Fantasy film tree. if you are only reading this, check out my other instructables. I hope you get inspired by my different projects. favourite and follow for more and comment with what you think. thank you for reading and for the people attempting it, just have fun or else what is the point.



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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    do some arm that moves with the air (Calder) and add a light inside?

    3 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    I have a small LED tea light I could use as a normal candle wouldn't work so good haha, ill update it with the light, thank you


    Reply 2 years ago

    Uses a point light to have beautiful shadows. The best is small halogen bulb 10-20 watt 12 volt (not led). You can use your wire to carry one current pole.

    (it's a good idea also a tea light candle in the middle)

    Good job.



    Reply 2 years ago

    Okay ill sure look into this, Thank you again!!