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Introduction: Wire Frame Bike Pannier

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Step 1: Collect Materials and Consider Your Needs

This pannier uses wire mesh with 5 cm square openings. It is easy to fold and when it is cut to leave a length of wire, this length can be twisted tightly with pliers to form a secure join against another piece of wire.

Step 2: Take Care

One picture shows safety glasses. However, a set of strong gloves might also be prudent, especially when dealing with the sharp ends of wire.

Step 3: Cut the Wire to Size

The size of this pannier was decided by four factors:
1. The 5 cm spacing so between the wire mesh.
2. The size of the pannier.
3. The size of the recyclable shopping bags.
4. The amount of mesh that was available.

In the end, a pannier 25 cm long, 20 cm deep, and 30 cm high was decided on.

Step 4: Fold the Wire

To make the folding easier and straighter, holding a sturdy piece of wood securely on the fold line is necessary. The first 20 cm end was folded first (4 squares of mesh), followed by the first 25 cm side (5 squares of mesh), followed by the second end and side, respectively.

Step 5: Create the 4 Sides of the Box

The lengths of wire at one end are then twisted around to secure to the other end. If there are no ends to twist, use off-cuts of wire to perform the same function.

Step 6: Add Wire for the Base

As the pannier is 4 squares by 6 squares, the minimum size of the base must also be 4 x 6 squares. If you have a piece that is one square bigger on all sides, make the cuts so that lengths of wire are left to secure the base to the sides. As the sides in this project had lengths available at the bottom, they were twisted to secure the base onto the sides.

Step 7: Select an Off-cut to Secure the Pannier to the Bike

This step is experimental. A piece with 5 wires is used here. The one on each end is secured to the wire frame. The 3 in the middle are bent to form hooks that go over the bike carrier.

Step 8: Connect to Bike Carrier

As this pannier is used with a removable shopping bag, the wire frame of the pannier can be secured more permanently to the bike carrier. It is recommended that more permanent attachment be done when the placement of the wire pannier had been confirmed. Cable ties can be used for this purpose.

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I bought a cheapy cabinet door storage bin that slips over the door and used the hooks to hang over my rack. Also makes a neat place to store my bike lock.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Wow! That basket looks like it was made for the purpose you’ve used it for. A perfect fit!


    6 years ago on Step 8

    Awesome! I've been trying to make these, but just couldn't visualize how to attach them to my bike. Your tips are great! Using a piece of wood to bend it is genius! Thanks!