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Intro: Wire Holder

Need a place to hold your spools of wire? Tired of the spools rolling off your desk? Here you go, and if you need to, you can use it as a paper towel holder...

Step 1: Parts

4 small-medium screws.
13" of 3/4" dowel
1" x 4" wood.

Step 2: Measure

Here you can lay out your spools of wire and just go or follow these plans.

bottom is 4 1/8" long
measure up 1" from the base,
measure 1 3/4" from the side,
connect those two points with a 45 degree angle.

For the holes for your dowels measure:
top hole - 1 1/4" in, 3/4" down.
bottom hole - 1 1/8" up, 3/4" in from the side

Step 3:

heres a shot of it with the holes drilled, use a 3/4" bit.

Step 4:

Counter sink one hole for your both of your screws, this will hold the dowels in place and let you replace the spools when they are empty.

Step 5:

Cut the dowel in to 6 1/4" lengths.

Step 6:

Put it all together and you are done.



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    12 years ago

    I have the same spools, they are pretty stiff wire. Good project in its simplicity.