Wire Key (Mrballeng Style)




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This Instructable is done for the Remix Contest, using Meballeng techinque to do the beaufitul Treble Clef pendant.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

You'll need:

  • wire (I found 20 meters at the 1€ stores)
  • pliers with cone nose
  • clippers
  • hammer
  • anvil
  • sandpaper and/or buffing wheel

Step 2: Blade

With cone pliers bend the wire to do the blade of the key. Hammer only the curve.

Step 3: Bow

Always using the cone pliers, bend the wire to do the bow. I chose a clover shape. Hammer only the curves!

Step 4: Cut

With clipper, cut the wire behind the center of the curves, so it will be hide.

Step 5: Jump Ring

With the same wire or a thinner one, do the jump ring, that I ave do curl shaped.

Step 6: Polish

Use sandpaper and/or buffing wheel to pulish the key. :)

You key is finished, you can use it as a pedant or key chain or as you want.

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea ;) If you look in Mrballeng Ible, you'll find the clef I've made. At school I have a cat (>^.^<) I made to uise as standing paper clip, with the same technique.