Wire Quick Joint

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This is a very handy accessory for DIYers in testing electronics. Sometimes we are not sure about a connection yet, twisting and untwisting the cables are sometimes annoying. With this quick joint, we can simply press the lever, put the cable in, then release.

Looking for a fancy one?

This one is sold online at around US$1.5 for its fancy transparent case. What I make is using two pieces of speaker wire clamp terminal cost US$0.15 each at my local market and two pieces of cable tie almost at no cost (the store owner will give you for free if you ask for it) ^_^

And what else? No soldering. The first one will take some time to get it done while reading this instructable. The second one? I think you can get it done in less than a minute. Maybe two in a minute if you have your materials ready.

Step 1: What We Need

  • Two pieces of speaker wire clamp terminal.
  • Two pieces of cable tie.

That's it? Yes

Tools? No tool is needed in this project.... well, if you leave the excessive cable ties as is or you cut it off with your teeth :P Otherwise you might need a scissors or a cutter :D

Step 2: One, Two, Three, Four ...


Flatten the solder pad at the back of the wire clamp terminal by pressing it with your thumb.


Align the back of the wire clamp terminal with the same color terminals inline (black with black, red with red).

Can you see how the solder pads clipping each other? The left pads go to the right and the right pads go to the left. Well, the picture below will tell you better the position of the solder pads from the short side. It was before I press the solder pads to the back of the wire clamps.


Ties the left and right holes with cable ties.


Cut off the excessive cable ties.

We are done as easy as counting one, two, three, four. ^_^

So.. can you finish two in a minute? I guess you can.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea. In car audio they use bolts also on the subwoofer enclosures that way it has less of a weak point but I mention that to show others you dont have to just use speaker terminals if you dont want to.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    I use speaker terminal simply because it is easier to snap-in and snap-out rather than twisting and untwisting cables. Moreover when we are working with batteries, this way prevent sparks when both positive and negative wires touch on their bare wire joints.